Saturday, March 24, 2007

Can't beat 'em, join 'em


Yes, after many moons of trying to figure out the 'addictive' factor of blogger-mania, I decided to heck it and give this blogging thing a try. As the saying goes - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

It has been touted to be therapeutic for people to vent out stress, liberating for those who express their skeletons-in-the-closet in anonymity and a whole lotta other reasons that man can conjure out of thin air.

For me, I finally decided to start this blog because of the impending major shift in my life - my move to Ipoh. As if moving from KL to Penang wasn't painful enough, now it's on to Ipoh - God can sometimes have a cruel sense of humour. But I am very thankful that He has been gracious enough to give me a 3-year stop-over in Penang first before booting me off to Ipoh. For if He sent me directly from KL to Ipoh - I surely would have died upon arrival.

Through my time here in Penang, it has been increasingly difficult to keep in touch with my 'kei sap lien pang you' gang in KL and, soon, my family of friends in Penang as I move on to Ipoh. When I first left KL, I was ridiculously rajin to keep in touch with each friend via email - to keep the personal touch. Obviously, that proved to be psychotic.

So now, with the modern invention of blogs - I will try to make this sorta like my bulletin board where everyone can tune-in to what's happening in my life. Hence, the name - tune2opus. People say that life is life a roller-coaster. I'm not a fan of heights - in fact it turns my legs to jelly. But I am huge fan of music. So, I kinda see the drama of my life unfolding like an orchestra. Actually, I don't like classical music. Just that my favourite nick name is opus and it so happens to mean an orchestraic musical arrangement.

Ok ok... lari topic a bit there. Anyway, that's why my blogspot is named - tune2opus = tune-in to the orchestra of my life.

Whoah! It's 1am already! Damn Old Town White Coffee... hope I have enough winks before Sunday Service tomorrow. Ok, this is my brief intro. Hope I'll post again soon. Nitey nites... 3-2-1-lights out...


Choon Ean said...

Looks like I'm first to tune in and make some noise here! =) Man, Penang really isn't gonna be the same without you! =( On the bright side... Ipoh's gonna be more happening with you there! =)

Fruit of Eden said...

Finally... Chrissy succumbs to peer pressure.. ( haha )

Though, I can't wait for the jalan jalan cari makan in Ipoh!


What's wrong with Subang Jaya???

marcus said...

Wow, it's actually YOU!

Read John plugging you on his blog and thought "no, surely not Christina Cheah"!

Anyway, it's great to see you online. I also just recently joined this blogospherothingamajiggy. Do keep updating (ie. don't be like John, haha), I'd love to be more in touch with what you're getting up to these days man.

And gimme a ring when you're in KL. Tun Wee is back, and we can have a get-together that's more than 3 people this time. Woo-hoo!