Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bloody me

Finally! After wasting 2 hours of my precious Saturday... I finally managed to load my profile picture - thanks to my dear and very smart God-sis who introduced the simple to me.

Stupid Blogger recommended me to download Picasa and even after all that bla bla bla... NOTHING! Using imageshack... it was so easy! Eww... I sound like some cheesy radio ad. Pengsan!

Anyway, guess what I'm holding in the pic? My FIRST (and, so far, only) bag of blood for donation! It was during the RGBC Carnival in 2005 and that's really my blood in there!!! And it was still kinda warm. Holding that bag gave me a warm fuzzy feeling... literally. I actually asked the blood guy if I could take a picture with my pack of blood. That was probably the weirdest request he ever got on the job... but he obliged nonetheless.

You may wonder why I'd put such a weird pic on my profile. Well... after searching long and hard through my gallery of photos... I realised that I don't have any pictures of myself ALONE. Every picture either has someone else in it... or is entirely about someone else. Haha!

I'll upload a more recent picture when I find one. Oh ya! My phone! Hhhmm... let me search through it see if I can dig anything out. Until then... enjoy the bloody pic.

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I've moved, by the way.

oh goods link me as minshen or something la.