Friday, April 13, 2007

Busy Busy Bee

I was a small kid. I was so small... and cute (ahem!)... that my nanny called me 'mak fung tchai' which means 'little bee'. So cute right? I know... I know... =) But all that little disappeared when I had the mumps. My mom claims that my whole body swelled from the mumps but the swelling didn't go away after the mumps did. Hmm... mom figured 'Maybe that wasn't swelling after all". Haha... hence that was the beginning of my fat childhood days where I was aka moonface. From little bee to moonface... how did I get there?!?!

Anyway, what's that little reflection gotta do with this post? Well, right now, I'm 'pretty busy bee'. Hahah!!! I think 'pretty' is putting it mildly... it should be 'crazy busy bee'.

Yes, I haven't posted anything new in a loooonnnnggg time 'cos I had a mad Easter weekend. Sis and Jo Dee were up and I had to balance that with Good Friday and Easter Service and cooking chicken stew and celebrating a small Passover meal and then the next day going to Ipoh and back the same day to celebrate Choon Ean's very belated and very disastrous birthday.

Highlights of the Easter weekend.

Oh, after spending the whole Saturday with Nita and Jo Dee and sneezing my head off, I get back to the apartment to find out that I have to clean 3 chickens for Sunday's stew. Bugger! I tell ya... once you've cleaned chickens, you'd think twice about eating the fatty bits on your KFC. Shites man!!! That stuff is nasty. Anyways, I pop a sneeze pill... or at least I guessed it was my sneeze pill and started on the chickens at 1am. Which idiot would clean bloody chickens at 1am?!?! Yes, me. Sneeze pill took a while to kick in so... maybe a few 'salty droplets' that escaped my sniffling probably helped marinate the chicken. Then cousin Mei Yee calls and I can't talk to her 'cos I'm yanking off chicken fats and got bits of liver and kidney under my nails. Sorry coussie... it was nasty.

Then whole freaking Penang doesn't sell McCormick's Beef Stew packets. Dei! I see it everywhere on normal days and when I NEED it... they all disappear off the shelves!!! It's a conspiracy I say! Went to Cold Storage (Gurney), Giant, Jusco (QB) AND Tesco!!! All don't have!!! How bizzarre?! Piss me off. I tried to piece together some sort of chicken stew la. How did it turn out? Ask those who ate la. Guess I'm comforted by the fact that Ash ate 2 (or 3) bowls of potatoes and carrots while Poh's mom ate 3 bowls! Plus no one threw stewed potatoes at me so... no one was terribly upset with the food la.

Passover meal was very interesting. Had to make many throaty hacks and gurgles to pronounce Hebrew words but all was fun with the 'eat/drink reclining to the left'. Hahah!!! Many of the items were very symbolic in meaning but I'm not gonna talk about it here.

Oh then went to Ipoh on Monday. Was very interesting. Wasn't used to talking in millions of Ringgit and thousands of tonnes. Best part is this:

Me: Pa, where exactly is the factory?
Dad: Bercham
Me: Err... I don't think many people know where Bercham is. What's the nearest landmark?
Dad: Tanjung Rambutan
Me: *Jaws drop and eyes pop in utter horror*

Hallo!!! Ada ke?!?!?! I mean, it's bad enough that everytime I tell people that I'm moving to Ipoh, they immediately "GASP!' followed by the following reactions:
A. You gotta be joking!
B. What is WRONG with you?!
C. What the hell/f***?!
D. Who's the man?

And now, on top of that I have to say that I'll be working in Tanjung Rambutan?!?! Dear God... have mercy on me, will ya?!

Anyway, gotta stop now. I'm supposed to be preparing my training materials for my Media training tomorrow morning. It's 1am and I've done jack so far. Crap! See ya!

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Fruit of Eden said...

You mean i'll be staying with you in TANJUNG RAMBUTAN when i visit? CHRISSSS... ( now i'm certain i need a shrink )