Monday, April 16, 2007

Nita and Jo Dee

Ok, here's Nita and Jo Dee.

Let's start with Nita, my sis who's now happily married and living in tight ass Singapore. She's an awesome chick. We used to hate each other. I USED to call her 'che che' until we had this huge fight and I said I'd never call her 'che che' ever again. Well, it kinda stuck and now it's weird to call her that. I tried it once, and we both thought it was weird.

Anyway, yeah, it was the yellow Volkswagon that saved us. That chugger had no radio and we were stuck in it for many hours travelling around for all our MYF activities. I guess we didn't have much of a choice but to talk and so we did and we have never stopped talking since then.

She took me to my first bar when I was 16 and Jo Dee bought me my first cocktail - a dry martini 7-up. That was the first of MANY bars and clubs that she smuggled me into and later on legally when I turned 18. She rocks! Btw, my parents knew about this all along. Is my family cool or is my family cool?!

She has always looked out for me in so many ways. Always this pillar of strength through the toughest of days. I still respect her for holding it together when she delivered my mom's eulogy. She cracked immediately after but hey, who could've lasted that long?

I remember the day we received my mom's ashes in a box. I took it from the man and stood at the door. She asked me, "What's that?" I said, "It's mom." We stood there for a while, looking at the green box not knowing what to do. Then she asked, "What does she feel like?" I said, "Err... kinda light?" Then I placed the box on a cabinet in our livingroom. We stood together again, looked at each other and said, "This is weird." Then we sat on the couch together looking at the box... it was really strange that my whole mom fit into that 1' x 1' green box.

Yes, she was always the stable one. Even at her wedding dinner, she had to take over the thank you speech from half drunk hubby who couldn't read the paper. On several occassions when I lost my head, she smacked it right back to where it belonged.

Of course, there were the good days too. Staying up throughout the night helping her build her model for assignments and getting my fingers stuck together with UHU, backpacking in the UK and then New Zealand, sharing a beer out on the porch while aunties and uncles threatened to bring my house down with their animated story telling. The Saturdays when she'd take me - the dorky, lab dwelling, insect counting science geek of a sis, to the coolest cafe's and restaurants in town, chattering endlessly over a nice cuppa tea and sharing desserts. I used to dread it when she'd have to 'pop by the site' for a SHORT while to check on the contractors. Those would end up being terribly irritating waiting games under the sun. But, nevertheless, she brought me to all sorts of places from fancy spots to the quaint little setups like teapot cafe, SS2 chicken porridge at 3am, asam prawns at Jalan Alor and laksa at O&S after church. She showed me the world.

She's my best friend, my travelmate, my teacher, my reality check, the mediator between dad and me, the saviour of my non-existent fashion sense... Oh there's so much to tell about Nita. Our stories together are endless. She can't possibly fit in a BLOG!!!

And that's Jo Dee, my brother-in-law. For those whodon't know, their fairytale lovestory unfolded over 10 years. At least they are living happily ever after all that drama. He's a real joker. The best way to describe is that he's a five year old kid stuck in a big man's body. Oh, did I mention that they are a marriage of two giants? Bugger... he's 6' 2" and she's 5' 9"!!! I already feel like midget walking with them, I can't imagine how tall their kids are gonna be. I love the fact that they're married to each other. No one else would do.

They are a funny FUNNY couple. There's never a dull moment around them... except when they're in the mood vegetate in front of the TV. Then, nothing... I mean, NOTHING can make them move. I'll introduce their doggie next - little Bijou.
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