Monday, April 16, 2007

Meet My Family

Thought it would be great to introduce you guys to the different people that are the centre of my life - my family and my friends. They are the best gift God has given me in this life on earth. So, let's start!

Ok, here's the three of us. That's me, dad and sis (Nita). It was my 26th birthday (darn, now you know my age) and my dad's 62nd birthday. We're born exactly 36 years and 21 days apart - we;re both bloody stubborn goats. Nita is 3 years older than I (haha! So now you know my sis' age too) and she's a fantastic sis. Well, dad is too. Aiyah... they're all great la. I love my family.

Oh, in case some of you are wondering although most of you already know, my mom's not in the picture because she passed away on 11 Nov 2000. Yeah, the cancer came back and hit her right smack in liver. She was an awesome babe too. I don't have a digital picture of her... so maybe I'll tell her story in another blog. Will have to go home and dig up some of my old pics, scan them and load 'em up here. Hhmm... since I'm going through all that trouble, I might as well do a tribute too. Hhmm... that'll have to wait till my next trip down to KL.

Anyway... ok, my dad. He's a really cutie with gynormous heart. Friends call him Fred Flintstone. Check this out for freaky similarities - Fred is fat, so is my dad. Fred works in a quarry, my dad owns a quarry. Fred loves playing golf, my dad is married to his golf set. Fred loves food, my dad loves food. My mom was not at all amused when she went to an "appease the wives" dinner by my dad's golfing friends and they called her Wilma. That's how we found out about the Fred Flintstone thingie. Sis and I were so amused that we got 'Michael Flintstone' embroidered on a towel for his next birthday. Haha! Hey, he liked it.

Another funny thing. Dad loves this fishball noodle shop in Subang Jaya. So one fine day (some 10 years ago) my sis went to the shop to buy noodles and the guy said, "Oh! Lei hai fei lou Cheah ge loi hor?!" My sis was mortified and came back absolutely flabbergasted at the fact that we were known as "fat man Cheah's daughter" at our kampung fishball shop. Pengsan!

Oh, my friends love him too. The girls think he's cute. My friends always thought I had the coolest parents. Yup. Once, over Christmas buffet dinner at the Raffles Singapore, my dad casually asked us whether we tried Ecstacy before. To which my sis and I immediately replied "Of course not! We party like animals but we know better than to mess with our brains!" Then dad said, "Hhmm... I heard it feels good. Would you girls want to try? Hey, Nita, you got any suppliers:?" My bro-in-law looked at my sis with a look of utter 'is your dad for real?' disbelief. Haha... that's my dad who apparently was a weed smoking hippie. Can't imagine huh?

Dad sometimes shows his love in most bizzare and irritating ways but we always have to remind ourselves that he yells because he loves us, he's sometimes a little overprotective because he loves us, he drops his golf appointments to get dragged around shopping malls when his two daughters come back to visit because he loves us and he nags us (Dear God, it's as if he's got an accumulated daily quota to meet sometimes)... all because he loves us. We love you too dad, though we don't say it. Sigh... curse of the Chinaman culture.
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Fruit of Eden said...

Uncle Fred Flinstone Cheah is super cool.. ahem ( you think this is enough to bodek him to get that HUGE piece of salmon when i go over next time..?!).

Anyway, the funniest incident was when he came home late one night and i tried to open your wooden door, and tried opening on the other side, and there was this tug of war action going on with the door..! hehe

minshen said...

"My mom was not at all amused when she went to an "appease the wives" dinner by my dad's golfing friends and they called her Wilma."

You know, I laughed so much when I read that, my mum asked if I was going crazy. blardy farny la.

fat man Cheah's daughter. LOL.

haven't seen your dad in a looong time dude. I never realized narita looks like him!!! O.o haven't seen her and jo dee in ages either. sheesh.

picric said...

yeah girls... my dad is full of stories and funny experiences. I've lost track of how many funny we've had =P