Thursday, April 26, 2007

around the world...

We FINALLY gave Choon Ean her birthday pressie... after a wild goose hunt across the world, literally. I kid you not.

It all started with Poh finding out that Choon Ean was on the lookout for a new mp3 player... specifically - Creative and 2GB. We thought "Hey, since her birthday's just around the corner... why not?" That was the goose that began our hunt.

Firstly, of ALL the Muvo range - only the S100 model has 2GB memory. Since Nita was coming up to Penang for Easter weekend - she can get it for us in S'pore (Creative's country of origin) at perhaps a cheaper price AND get it to us in time to give Choon Ean when she's up in Penang that same weekend. Brilliant idea? Yes, only the idea was =P

Sis calls from S'pore and says NOBODY stocks that model and who on earth buys Creative anyway? Then offers to get Jo Dee to buy an iShuffle while he's in New York. Ok, not a bad idea. Then Poh says PC fair is on during Easter weekend. Try there. OK!

Choon Ean comes up for Easter, pops by and sees the ZEN model she wants on Sat... but still needs to consider... while Poh prays like mad that she will decide NOT to buy it so we can go back later and buy it. Thank God Choon Ean decides No - we still have hope. But no one else is going to the PC Fair on Sunday so cannot tumpang beli, Poh can't shake Choon Ean off to sneak away to get the merchandise and I've gotta get my sis to the airport! Apparently Peter is working at PC Fair - he can't get it 'cos they can't sell it to other exhibitors. Arrgghh!!! So near yet so far!!!

Nevermind, there's still dinner on Mon night and Peter said the distributor is in Gurney. Perfect! Dinner at Food Loft and I can sneak off to buy. Guess what?! DON'T HAVE!!! Can you believe that?! They have everything except what we're looking for. Great... we're all at dinner with a cake to celebrate and NO mp3 player!!! We admit defeat.

I guess God saw the desire of our hearts... Poh happened to walk past a shop in Midlands and saw the same flyers as the one in the PC Fair! Lo and behold... There lay before her the ZEN that Choon Ean was eye-ing at the PC Fair!!! Thank you GOD!!! It's blue but Poh grabs it anyway... Yay!!!

So here's Choon Ean... finally receiving her birthday pressie in KL. Even that - it was good timing that Poh was going down to KL to edit stuff with her.

Happy Birthday babe!

With much love from from Junie, Jocelyn, Poh and me.
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Choon Ean said...
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Choon Ean said...

Hahhahaha... I feel so loved! It really came as a surprise - well... maybe not by the time I got it in KL, but when you and Poh were relating the whole conundrum over dinner at Food Loft with the 2 slices of cake that kept getting forgotten! Felt really touched by the great lengths y'all went through to get me my absolutely cool player! Also shed some light on why Poh was (subtlely) suggesting that I didn't need to go to PC Fair and why she (again subtlely) suggested later I stay outside while she go back inside to find the umbrella I left at the Creative booth and why Junie came all the way to dinner even though she had already eaten and why Chris would suddenly leave her hot dinner uneaten when she had just expressed how hungry she was! =)

Thank you so much all four of you, not just for the gift but for your friendship and care that you've shown me this last couple of years. That, just like the story above, has made the gift even more meaningful. =) Oh - and thank you as well to everyone who took part in one way or another in the wild goose chase!