Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Got Tagged

I got tagged for the second time by Jess. I was excused from the first tag since I didn't have a blog then. And now I do, so here goes...

Part 1: on the outside
name : christina cheah su-ann aka mak fung tchai, chrissy, christochrome, babe, hot chic, ann (family ONLY)
date of birth : 6 July1979 (when I was 10 yrs old it was 6/7/1989/10... cool huh?)
current status : single and beginning to accept the fact that real men have gone extinct
eye color : dark brown i think
hair color : black, thick and in dire need of a haircut
right of left handed : i'm a righty
zodiac : crabby cancer

Part 2: on the inside
my heritage : believe it or not, i'm 3 part chinese and 1 part japanese (mom's a pure chinko, dad's half jap)
my fear : that i would live my life and miss the point completely
my weakness : food. orh chien outside RGBC is ultimate SIN!
my perfect pizza : Guess it has to be the romeo special at pizza uno

Part 3: yesterday, today & tomorrow
your first thought waking up : damn, i thought i just went to bed?
tomorrow : oh Lord, grant me the grace to not kill stupid people
your bedtime : thank you Lord that I am still sane
most missed memory : my mom

Part 4: your pick
pepsi or coke : Of course Coke la... DUH!
mcD or burger king : BURGER KING rulez! When will a rich tycoon in Penang come to his senses and buy the franchising rights in Penang? Ho seng li, lu mm ai ah?
single or group dates : what does it take to get a little privacy around here?!
adidas or nike : i like adidas but i think the tagline - just do it - is absolute genius
lipton tea or nestea : processed tea is processed tea la... unless you're talking about real tea leaves
chocolate or vanila : chocolate. If they use real vanilla seeds then it's vanilla
cappuccino or coffee : as long as there's caffeine

Part 5: do you...
smoke :
does it make sense to burn money?
curse : well, depends on what you classify as cussing. but I'm trying hard to be a good girl {=

Part 6: in the past month
drank alcohol :
this would've been a hard question to answer over the CNY holidays
gone to the mail : i snail mailed cards to encourage choon ean and poh sim in KL! *pat on my back*
been on stage : i'm striking those guitar strings every Sunday man!
eaten sushi : i'm giving this a rest after the overdose in Japan

Part 7: what were you doing
1 minute ago : writing the top portion of this tag
1 hour ago : watching the Delirious - Now Is The Time DVD - awesome stuff!!!
4 1/2 hours ago : eating hokkien mee and reading Rich Dad Poor Dad (it's got some pretty sound financial advise in there)
1 month ago : ho hum... nothing much
1 year ago : editing the RGBC welcome video (i think)

Part 8: finish the sentence
i love : my God, my family, my friends
i feel : icky... haven't showered after work
i hate : being alone... except rare occassions when I need my space
i hide : my honest thoughts and troubles except from a select few
i miss : my mom
i need : divine inspiration to know what to prepare for the Nepal mission trip

Part 9: tag five people
1. John
2. Marcus
3. Min Shen
4. May
5. hhmm... who else ah?

Ok, come on people, let's keep the tag going!


minshen said...

I already did a pretty similar tag some weeks back -.-

oh well.

marcus said...

Since you mentioned John first, it'd be rude for me to go before him. :)

picric said...

eh marcus... no need to act gentleman here ok? =)

Grace Tan said...

Hi hi.. it's nice to finally get to know you personally and not just a name on the LiveWire blog! By the way, my hubby Alex's bday is on the 8th of July 1978! :)

picric said...

hey grace! Nice of you to pop by! Now you know what's behind the name tune2opus? Keep dropping in to keep in touch with this 'interesting' person =)

marcus said...