Friday, May 4, 2007

Siaran Tergendala

Hellos peoples!

Yes, I haven't been updating my blog. That's because I'm busy packing. As you can see the pictures of my room below... it's a total mess and it needs to be cleared ASAP! Yups, so please do bear with the lack of new postings until I sort out my stuff.

See that little empty space in the middle of the chaos? That's where I park myself to sort out all the stuff.

It's my final week here in Penang, so yeah, there have been lotsa goodbyes, hugs and tears. I've got a couple of cool stuff to post - like my farewell by my dearly beloved cell, my personalised hand made doll from Yin Yin and so many more. I'll try to post them up by this weekend, once I get the mess into their respective boxes.

Oh ya, the month of May will be a bit sparse because I don't have internet connection back in KL and then I'll also be travelling to Singapore to visit my sis. So, yeah... I'll try my very best to blog.
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minshen said...

if you do see this comment...

ask jo dee to hunt for a Sony Ericsson W810i. White. pretty please? I have no idea what the prices are like there tho.


sportypig said...

Hey Chris,

It's really nice having you for dinner just now. You take good care ok. Goin to miss you alot. And happy packing :)