Monday, May 7, 2007

goodbye... Passion style

I love my cell group - Passion. The name Passion describes them so accurately. Indeed they are SO Passionate about saying goodbye to me in the most memorable way. Haha! I've got to give them A+++ for love, ingenuity and effort.

Yup, it was a great night of fantastic food barbecued with generous portions of tender loving care. Fantastic! You guys are da BOMB!

But what's a farewell without a couple of pranks? Here are snippets of their fun.

AARGHHH!!! Sausages stuffed with wasabi and belachan... whoah mama... nasty stuff!!!

I know I have hairy legs but... come on!!! Waxing them with tape?!?! Is mercy one of the fruits of the Spirit? God should add it in there...

Hah! Their mega water balloon trick was foiled! The balloon burst and well it made a pretty cool new head gear. You know what's in next season =)

They may have missed the chance to get me into the pool voluntarily... but look at them ganging up on me!!! Look at all the big burly men surrounding this poor damsel in distress just waiting to dump her into the pool!!! Which they did... of course.

Hmmm... strange... I added in pics of them singing their own rendition of Stevie Wonder's That's What Friends Are For and their pressie to me. But it didn't load. Anyway... thanks guys... so much! I paid for the nasty sausages the next morning but no doubt... my heart was touched that night. I love y'all so much and I'm gonna miss all you Passionate Ones!
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