Monday, March 26, 2007

Lessons learned from 300% beef, braun and testosterone

Firstly, digress sikit, I can't believe 300 got bumped off the Box Office by... of all things... the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Imagine all that Spartan macho-ism getting bumped off by 4 mutated kura-kuras. Sigh... just when I'm about expound on 300% absolute MAN-liness.

Ok, ranting over. Now, let's get down to business.

Lesson 1. My Lord, my King. The sense of adoration the warriors had for their King that it was their pride and honour to fight alongside the King they love - Leonidas. I love that line, "Your Highness, it is an honour to die at your side" (or something like that) and Leonidas replied, "And it is mine, to live by yours." Phoah! Sungguh man! But what really struck me was this - although we declare our God the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, I don't think we really understand the full extent of what it really means. Y'know, we watch movies like 300 and the King-ly figures beckon such a reverance and awe, even from us, the audience. Then what about us? How do declare our King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

Lesson 2. Leonidas never left his men. In fact, he was always in the front. That's very much like our Heavenly King. He goes before us - paving the way. When he yells, "PUSH!" - He pushes back the Enemy and strikes them straight in the heart. Unlike the Persian King, Leonidas fought shield to shield and smelly ass to smelly ass with his men. And that's the Heavenly King we serve too, of course without the smelly ass bit la. Proven throughout the Bible, God is always ahead of us. The victory is ours but the battle is the Lord's! We just gotta learn to trust Him.

Lesson 3. The Spartans knew their purpose and they lived it to the fullest with passion and... ok la, I admit, lots and lots of hormone driven, macho-istic Spartan pride. But still, you gotta give them some credit for not shitting in their iron panties at the sight of the Persian army approaching in waves. Maybe it was just scriptwriting genius, but when the narration went on about the Spartans doing what they were born for... it just struck me that most of us today haven't even got a clue what we were born for. But yet, God says that every day of each of our lives was ordained before we popped outta mommy. And sadly, most of us never find out.

Oh... and I almost forgot, Lesson 4. King Leonidas didn't want any commemorative festival, monument, poem or song. He just wanted his people to remember the 300 Spartans and what they died for. Humility... humility...

Yes yes... all that I have mentioned is necessary, movie-making over-exageration for theatrical entertainment purposes. But let's set our cynical selves aside for a while, ignore all that and just wonder how different our lives would be if we could really grasp the magnificence of our Heavenly King, the humility of our Servant King and the agelessness of our Sovereign King.

Call me crazy, weird or whatever... but this is what I learned.


Fruit of Eden said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show.. and ahem the MACHO MUCHO men in there with their obscene packs! It left me with such a great high, I can still feel the thrill, though it's been 3 weeks since i last saw it..
Interesting point of view about the show. Whilst some Christians would brand the show blasphemous( for me it's just thrill factor and pure eye feasting ), I like your analogy of things.

minshen said...

aah i can post comments now!


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beef braun and testosterone rhymes! yay the rhyming thing's been going on for a while :D

minshen said...

wait it doesnt rhyme after all.