Monday, June 4, 2007

LIVE from Ipoh!

Halloo halloo!!! Yup... after a month of being a bum, I've finally started my job in Ipoh. Was terribly anxious before I left KL but God has been great - just lovingly reassuring me. Aaahh... =)

Anyway, I'm here at the primary factory that crushes the rocks that come straight from the quarry site. It's dirty, hot and terribly dusty with calcium powder - so it sorta 'snows' in the factory. Btw, our products are all snow white materials. Hahaha... I went up to the higher levels of the plant this morning and man... it was really a winter wonderland up there. Bet I can make snow angels. Hhmmm... maybe I should try... Hahah!!!

People are nice and friendly. A big shift compared to my previous office. Not that they weren't nice and friendly... but everyone was so busy over there - you need to book people's time to discuss stuff and you'd better be quick about it. Over here... everytime I ask if I'm interrupting their work and I can come back later if they're busy and they're like "no no... come come... let me cerita how this thing works..." So that's great.

My only concern is the dust here. Didn't wear a mask yesterday so when I went home, I started coughing quite a bit and had a very slight wheeze in my lungs. So, I grabbed a mask today. Hopefully, it'll help.

Oh and I must say God has been fantastic in preparing a place for me to stay. Am staying with Siao Ping's parents and they're REALLY nice. Yeah... and her mom keeps offering food and hot drinks to me. No wonder Pete looks a little chubbier after each visit to Ipoh. Yesterday, she cooked me dinner too! Wow... a pleasant surprise. Then I took her along with me to hunt for houses and then to Tesco.

So yeah. I'll be going off to the quarry site in a while. That's always interesting. Get to play with rocks and see what their plans are since we can start a blast next month. Cool!!! Ka-BOOM!!!! Will try to get some pictures to help you fellas visuallise where I'm at now. So, look out for it.

Ok, I gotta go and read a bit more of the manuals before Thomas comes to whisk us off to the quarry site!!!

Oh ya... another funny thing is meeting people like Thomas - whom I've known since I was a kid and now I'm working with him. It's really funny.

Ok... really gotta go. Byee!!!

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