Thursday, August 2, 2007

Back With Fishies

Ok ok... I've heard many mutterances that my blog is SO outdated. Apologies for that, didn't mean to leave y'all out of the orchestra of my life.

Lots have been happening. I'll save the story about work for later. Now, let me introduce you to my 2 fishies! Yes, sad as it sounds... they're my after-work companions.

Fighting fish (i.e. beta) are very pretty and quite interactive too. Very responsive to anything that moves.

Here they are, having a litte face-off.

Yes, it sounds a little sad that these two fish are my primary source of entertainment. That's why I'm looking out for a Schnauzer puppy! Preferably black and white with the white burst around the muzzle area - so cute! Will definitely keep y'all posted once I get the little cutie. The hunt is ON!

OK, I'm skiving off some work time to do this so... gotta be quick. Look out for the pup soon... I hope.

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Fruit of Eden said...

talking to fishes is not healthy.. quick get a dog and talk to it instead!