Monday, August 20, 2007


Thought I'd share how a sticky situation today got me thinking.

Was walking around the back area of the factory today, trying to do some investigative work on our drainage system when I got STUCK! Yup, how typical of me, eh? Well, as I was walking nearer the bund, the clay material they dug out yesterday (Sunday) looked the same way it always looks.

But in my haste to get a better look at the bund, I stepped ankle deep into super sticky, mucky mud. Then as I leaned on my other foot to take out the ankle stuck one - it started sinking too! Oh crappers!! Took me a couple of tugs, pulls and grunts to get both feet out without having to leave my shoe behind but they finally popped out with a loud *SCHPOK* sound. Haha!

So what did it get me thinking of?

Everyday, day in day out, we pretty much live life in a predictable routine with the terrain looking pretty much the same. I guess it's when we take the familiarity for granted that we sometimes get ourselves stuck in sticky situations.

If we suddenly sink like a rock, we'd panic and shock ourselves into fight or flight mode to get out as fast as possible. But the real danger is when we sink slowly - the world around us looking just the way it usually does eventhough we're sinking. I guess that's the way the world gets to us - a few 'close one eye' compromises, a few exchanged quiet times for a more snooze time, a little bit of closet sin...

How does this relate to me? Well, life here in Ipoh hasn't been easy. On the outside, everything looks fine and dandy... but looking inside, I'm a little bit stuck. I'm at the stage where I'm trying to pull my legs out but it hasn't quite gone *SCHPOK* yet. Perhaps after speaking to me gently over the last couple of weeks, God decided to up the volume a bit and show me through the physical. Haha!

Ok ok God... I get the point =)

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