Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jesus In Cinemas Near You!

There's much criticism about Evan Almighty. Christian viewpoints say it's blasphemic 'cos of a few 'Oh my God' expressions, Noah's Ark is about God's wrath and intolerance towards sin and not a love story while mainstream critics ignore the message about God completely.

Sigh... people... aren't we missing the point here? Come on... let's not nit-pick and look at the big picture. It's Hollywood! If you wanna get a movie into cinemas filled with people... the world has to wanna watch it. (Of course need to have audience la... if the movie is screening in an empty cinema also no point ma)

If it's a Christian's pleasure but the world's poison - what's the point? It's not the Christians who need to know that God chose all of us for salvation not just a select few, that God does everything because He loves us, that God answers prayers although not always in the ways we expect, that we need to be obedient despite persecution and God will supply us with all that we need to get the job done. It's for the rest of the world out there. Christians are supposed to ALREADY know it because we've received and experienced it.

As it happened in Passion of Christ - I ask the Christian critics this - Can you tell hundreds of thousands of non-church going people that Jesus loves them? Plus they even have to pay for their own ticket. If you've got a better way, I'm all ears.

Plus, I've always tried to explain to people the unseen circumstances in Noah's story. Imagine these facts - Can a guy in the middle of a desert, who has never seen more than a glass of water in his life, understand what a 'flood' is? How on earth would he even know what a 'boat' looks like, what more to build one? I mean this ain't Pirates of the Carribean with pirate ships sailing sand dunes y'know. If that's not frustrating enough, imagine telling other desert people - for 100 YEARS (it took that long for Noah to build the ark) that you're building a 'boat' because there's gonna be a 'flood'. I mean, I'm sure Noah must've thought, more than once, that he really was looney bin as everyone mocked him. Go sit in a corner and think about that for a while =)

So, go watch Evan Almighty. You can critique all you want - just don't miss the golden nuggets behind God's story about Noah building a boat in the desert.

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