Monday, August 13, 2007

Cute Me

Remember earlier on when I said I don't have a picture of myself to post on my profile?

Well, Choon Ean came up to Penang with Grace one weekend and she decided to go on a frenzy of capturing all the expressions that I have. The resulting Cute Chris Collection of 50+ pictures was hilarious... apparently... to Choon Ean and Poh. And so their itchy-fied, cheeky selves decided to create this animated gif.

Even I have to admit it's quite funny. Some were done on purpose... but to my surprise... quite a number of them were captured while I was talking naturally. Maybe I'm not all that surprised. You too? Haha!

And so... go ahead, have a few laughs on me =)


marcus said...

I'm expecting nightmares for a week now.

Fruit of Eden said...

when i feel down and really in the pits i know where to find entertainment! hahahaha...
i love it!! i want!

the boggler said...

Hahahahah... it still makes me laugh! For maximum experience, try imagining (if not emitting) sound effects with each cute-chris-change! =D