Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Fishies, Old Fishies

My fishies, the ones I posted a while ago, died yesterday morning. Yeah, I think I ter-poison them while trying to treat them for fin rot and fungus. The fish shop guy gave me this dark purple solution, much like the iodine thingie that schools used to bathe our wounds with, which must be used with some salt and it turned my whole tank purple! Maybe I put too much.

Sigh... so I went to check out this betta breeder that the guy recommended. Apparently this breeder has half-moon bettas. Checked it out and it was a kid who was breeding these fishies! And he just hatched a school of half-moons so I gotta come back in a month's time to check it out.

Anyways, I saw these two veil-tails and they were irresistible! So, I guess, I replaced my old fishies faster than I could say "My fishies died". Haha!

Asked the fish lady (little boy's mom) why my fishies keep dying. All her fish are an in algae infested containers, so green you can hardly see the fish and they're fine and fat... while mine are in clear water that I change weekly and yet they keep getting all sorts of funny problems. Then she asked me "What do you put inside the water?" I said, "Err... nothing." "Nothing?!?! No wonder your fish die la! Cannot wan! Come la... I give you some A-PO... FOC for you to try. Just change water every week then guarantee OK ade. The fish also I give you RM8+RM10=RM10 la. Then next month, come and buy the half-moon, OK?" Damn, she's a good.

Well, let's see how well this magical A-PO thingie works. Looking out for the half-moons next month. Hhmmm... my colleague just suggested putting one of these beauties in the office. Hhhmmm...


MYK said...

wah - you mean you never put that "anti-chlorine" stuff in the water - just plain tap water.
Cheh.. no wonder la. Poor fishies - RIP

BTW - fishies are a little more interesting than snakies.

Your cousin

picric said...

I dunno ma... still a novice in raring fishies. See you in Facebook!

minshen said...

LOL@ the algae infested tank.

I had fish too, but they were really boring la. They died after a while anyway.

CharSiew the Rabbit is muchmuch cuter!!! *grin*